AFS3 Standardization Group

Active Drafts

The AFS3 Standardization Group is currently working on the following documents. Discussion on the AFS3-standards mailing list is encouraged.

I-D Document Tasks and Issues Target Date
draft-wilkinson-afs3-rxgk-afs Integrating rxgk with AFS Review and updates are in progress. TBD
draft-deason-afs3-type-time Base Types for Time in AFS-3 Last Call Pending (03) TBD
draft-keiser-afs3-xdr-union Extensible XDR Discriminated Union Primitive Type Last Call Pending (04) TBD
draft-deason-afs3-getsizev2 Adding a Flexible GetSize RPC Variant to the AFS-3 Volume Service Last Call Pending (03) TBD

Pending Drafts

The following documents are scheduled for review or updates.

I-D Document Tasks and Issues Target Date
draft-wilkinson-afs3-bos-identities Adding Extended Authentication Names to the Bos Super User list Comment period pending
Open Issues: 01
draft-deason-afs3-oob Data Transmission Over Out-of-Band Alternative Transports for AFS-3 Comment period pending TBD
draft-keiser-afs3-directory-object AFS-3 Directory Object Type Definition Comment period pending TBD
draft-keiser-afs3-xdr-primitive-types AFS-3 Rx RPC XDR Primitive Type Definitions Comment period pending TBD
draft-keiser-afs3-capabilities AFS-3 Protocol Capabilities Query Mechanism Comment period pending TBD
draft-benjamin-extendedcallbackinfo AFS Callback Extensions (Draft 14) Comment period pending
Open Issues: 01
draft-mbenjamin-afs-file-locking AFS Byte-Range Locking Comment period pending
No open issues
draft-tkeiser-afs3-volser-tlv AFSVol Tag-Length-Value Remote Procedure Call Extensions Comment period pending
Depends on:
  • draft-keiser-afs3-xdr-union
  • draft-keiser-afs3-capabilities

Archived Drafts

Work on the following documents has been postponed. Documents listed here are not scheduled for further review, and are listed here only for archival purposes.

I-D Document
draft-zeldovich-rx-spec-00 [xml] Rx Protocol
draft-deason-afs3-acl-restrictions Methods of Specifying Restrictions on AFS3 ACLs